Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Miaka's Month of Firsts

So, I'm a bit late posting all this, but better late than never, right? :) During June, Miaka did a lot of things for the first time:

The night before we left for Oregon, she pulled herself to standing in her crib, for the first time. She loves to stand!
A few weeks before we left, she was "scooting" around the floor, sort of Army crawl. While hanging out in Oregon and Washington, she started Crawling with a capital C. :)
She also started sitting on her own, and being able to transfer from sitting to crawling. :D

She sat up in a shopping cart! And then she slobbered on it.
She had her first ice cream. "Grampa" Gilbert had the gall to try to take it away from her, and I heard her scream from the other side of the store. LOLShe had solid foods for the first time. She had had "slobber foods" (you know, those little cereal thingies that dissolve easily with slobber) before, but she tried several jar baby foods, and loved them! really, she did.
She moved up in diaper sizes, from size 1 to 2. wahoo! :)

When we got home, we took her 0-3 months clothes and moved in her 3-6month size! Yes indeed, she's a growing girl. :)
She went into a pool for the first time. whee! okay, this is just her playing in an empty pool, but still fun!This is "for reals" at Busch Gardens.
There ya go, dad! :)


The Royals said...

She is getting so big! The picture of her in the pool is adorable.

Dennis and Sandii said...

she is so adorable! so much like her cousin, Dana!

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